Multi-orgasmic Mistress Naomi is home and oh so horny and needs a Man Toy to use!

I want you to take your time as you gently slip your fingers inside me while you make full use of your mouth and tongue, letting my juices flow over your face and running down your fingers.

I want to ride your face and cover your face in my juices.

Or let me sensually dominate you… tying you up and then using your cock for my own pleasure – I will let you know when I am ready for you to come, but do not shoot before I let you.

I adore anal play – get yourself clean and fresh in the shower, and then experience the deep joys of me exploring you with dildo play, butt plugs and prostate massage as I keep bringing you close to cumming but don’t let you explode til I give permission.

And just for clarity: this is sensual domme, not a hard domming. You are in the right world but the wrong profile if that is what you wish to experience!