A meeting of minds is as crucial as meeting a meeting of bodies so I do like to talk to all guests to connect over the phone in advance of connecting for real. So please do ring me  and if I can’t answer leave a voicemail and I will call you back. Texts or WA or pigeon mail are all fine too, but I will need to speak directly to any new guests before confirming a meet. 

Quick note that because of previous experiences, I don’t see black or Asian gentleman. No prejudice, just my preference. (And also to note that I am also experienced enough to spot a bluffer a mile off so please don’t waste your time or mine!)


If you wish to introduce yoursellf via text, email or Whatsapp, please indulge me by:

Introducing yourself with your name and age.

Please do note that I do not see black or asian gentlemen.

Let me know the details of the delights you have in mind (dates, times location etc) you are more than welcome to call, text or send me a WhatsApp but please do note that I speak to all my potential guests before I meet them.

Ideally, give me a call and if you are unable to get through, please leave me a voicemail with the requested details and I will come back to you as soon as I can.

If our meeting is to go ahead, please do not send me any requests after we have spoken. You are more than welcome to discuss anything you wish to discuss during our call.

Costume suggestions are welcome for bookings over 2 hours.

No withheld numbers

Messages such as – ‘Hey’, ‘You free?’ (you see where I’m going with this) will be ignored

Contact number: +44 7884 354723

Email: naomivancartier@protonmail.com