Q & A

You can ask me anything…

Let’s start off with an easy one…

What’s your name?

Naomi Van Cartier

Wait a minute… Naomi… Are you interviewing yourself?


Your favorite book?

I have a few…

Flowers In The Attic… To Kill A Mockingbird… No Lifeguard On Duty

Your favorite film?

The Godfather Part 1 and 2… Battle Royale… Anchor Man

Your favorite color?

Royal PurpleIt looks fabulous on me

Your favorite food?

Japanese, Greek, and Turkish… Can I add apple crumble and custard and cheesecake to the list too?

OOooo and chocolate cake…

And red velvet cake

Your favorite drink?

Gin and Tonic with a slice of cucumber. I wouldn’t say no to a Merlot either. I also enjoy the refreshing taste of chilled sparkling water.

Your favorite perfume?

Channel No 5. Undeniably divine.

What are your hobbies? What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I like long walks on the beach, deep-throating…

Ok in all seriousness… I am a person with many passions and interests, and I find joy in pursuing a variety of hobbies. I take pride in taking care of my body and mind, which is why working out and reading are two activities that I truly cherish. When I’m not hitting the gym or curling up with a good book, you can find me exploring the vibrant art and music scene in London. I love visiting galleries and immersing myself in the latest exhibitions. And when I want to capture the beauty and truth of people I turn to my camera and let my passion for photography take over.

My frissons, and passionate liaisons all form a part of pleasure in my life. I’m lucky and grateful to be able to appreciate to pursue all my hobbies 😉

How can I contact you?

I’m delighted that you’re considering reaching out to me. Your comfort and discretion are of the utmost importance, and I want to make our communication as convenient and respectful as possible.

Feel free to give me a call or reach out via WhatsApp on +44 7884354723. If I’m unable to answer your call right away, please leave a voicemail or send a voice message via WhatsApp. Just let me know when it’s most suitable for me to get back to you.

You are welcome to send me an email also.

How far in advance should I book an appointment?

Once you know your scheudle, feel free to contact me. It’s always best to have several dates and times in mind and we can take it from there.

Can you travel or accompany me on trips?

Absolutely, I share your love for travel, and I believe it’s a wonderful way to immerse ourselves in different cultures and create lasting memories.

When it comes to accompanying you on your journeys, I prioritize both your comfort and our connection. I only choose to travel with those I’ve had the pleasure of meeting several times before, ensuring that we have a strong and genuine connection. This way, we can embark on our adventures as kindred spirits, ready to enjoy each other’s company and make every moment truly magical.

Traveling with me means having an extra dose of sunshine and positivity by your side. Together, we can explore new places, savor local flavors, and create unforgettable experiences. Let’s turn each trip into a remarkable adventure filled with shared laughter, discoveries, and moments to treasure.

Are your photos accurate and recent?

Yes – I absolutely love photography; it’s one of my favorite hobbies! Just so you know, I personally capture all the images you see on my website. I take pride in keeping my website fresh and up-to-date with the latest photos and gifs, and I want to assure you that every image you’ll find here is a true representation of me. It’s my way of giving you an authentic glimpse into who I am and what you can expect when we connect.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I gladly accept cash as a payment option. Additionally, for your convenience, I offer the option to secure your appointment with a non-refundable deposit through PayPal. You’ll receive a secure payment link, making the process quick and effortless. Please note that the transaction will appear on your statement as a discreet “consultancy” for the sake of confidentiality. Your privacy is of utmost importance to me, and I’m here to ensure your payment experience is seamless and discreet.

Can we meet in public before scheduling an appointment?

Certainly, meeting in a public setting is absolutely an option. It’s important to mention that my standard hourly rate will apply, and I kindly request a deposit for the first hour in advance to confirm your booking. This ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for both of us.

How do you handle privacy and discretion?

When we choose to spend time together, you can rest assured that your experience will remain deeply private. I respect your boundaries and take the utmost care to ensure your comfort and peace of mind.

During our time together, I am entirely focused on creating a meaningful, genuine connection with you. I don’t interrupt our moments with the distractions of social media or taking pictures unless it’s your express desire. My goal is to savor every magical moment we share, immersing ourselves fully in the experience.

Your satisfaction, comfort, and the memories we create together is my top priority. I look forward to cherishing moments with you, leaving no trace except the lasting impression of our connection.

What time of day do you most enjoy having sex?

I know it sounds obvious… But any time of the day…

No shame in my game 😉

Favorite Position?

Doggy Style, your hands on my hips with a firm grip. I can take the lead, you can take control or we can work in unison …either way works every time with a cock or strap-on.

Golden Arch ( I know I’m supposed to pick one position but allow me to be greedy on my own website) – It just hits the right spots… especially when you start off slow

Edging… In any type of way.

Your head between my legs, while she plays with my nipples, is known to please me more than a little

Where Do You Like Being Touched?

It can be anywhere. It can be a slight brush on my thigh… A soft kiss on my neck, a light touch on my nipples… I can be sitting across you, engrossed in a conversation, imagination running wild, wet, without a single touch…

It can be the slight brush on my thigh, a soft kiss on my neck, a light touch on my nipples, your hands tracing their way down my back, your hands between my legs while French kissing

I do have very sensitive nipples that loved being, touched, licked, and sucked on…

If you could only use one sex toy for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I am a proud collector of more than a few toys and can say, without a doubt, my wand hits all the spots, and if I team it with my pulsating dildo but yes… My wand is

What Really Turns You On?

It starts off in the mind. You will be surprised at how wet I can get even before I’m touched. Intelligence is incredibly sexy… A great conversation can have my imagination running wild

You turned on… Will turn me on… When the lust is hanging in the air…

Couples… I loooooooooove watching couples who are really into one another…If I’m at a small private party with like-minded individuals, I’m usually drawn to sensual couples

I have a thing for smartly dressed men… A man in a well-fitted suit… Priceless

What type of porn do you like to enjoy when you masturbate?

Sensual genuine erotica really gets me going. Horny, hungry for the next touch… The heavy breathing, the moans, the dirty talk, the orgasms…

Solo play – whether it a man with a delicious firm dick, a gorgeous curvy natural-bodied woman, a femme TV, edging away themselves to pure ecstasy… It’s such a turn-on..

Real Couples, Mutual Masturbation, Group play, Tie and tease, Gentle domination, Dungeon parties…

Lesbian porn…give me two curvy, natural bodies any time of the day, and if she squirts… Im hooked

What does your masturbation practice involve?

My thighs pressed together against my clit (and the beauty of this is I can do this anywhere and obviously I only do this in suitable locations 😉

My wand… It does make me cum quickly even when I’m trying to edge but fear not, I have been blessed by the gods of multiple orgasms.

In the shower…water running… Hands wandering… Flashbacks to the copious amount of data in my wank bank

What’s Your Fantasy?

Well… As you’ve asked…

Imagine waking up to the breathtaking beauty of nature, with floor-to-ceiling windows that seamlessly merge the indoors with the great outdoors. We lose ourselves in the tranquility of a room with a gorgeous view, where we spend hours on end becoming one with it all. Our senses come alive over and over again… Indulging in one another.

Maybe with a pinch of me gently domming…

We could even have one or two people join us or a peeping Tom…

I’ve read a few of your blogs… You are quite the size queen…

Size queen – a man or woman that prefers a sexual partner with a large penis.

Oh hunny, I have a great appreciation for ALL types of cocks. I’ve seen a 1 or 2 and I rather enjoy indulging in all of them too. I especially enjoy when I have full control of it and your cock becomes my toy to play with… Especially when it’s rock hard.

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