The Experience


Your adventure begins from the very moment we meet. Feel your stress melt away and sink into our shared world of discrete pleasures, inhibitions disappear as we float into a land of pure indulgence.

Deliciously naughty non-judgemental and very open-minded, I will infuse our experience with my sensual beauty and infectiously good spirits A professional to the outside world and a delightfully naughty minx in private – the secret world of mine caters to my kinks, my oh, so sensitive sweet spots and extremely high sex drive. 

With soft chocolate skin at tall, slim build, smooth, natural curves in the confidence and sophistication of an experience fashion model, you’ll be to luxuriate in my attentive, erotic company. I enjoy dressing up in the finest lingerie, providing you with a range of naughty experiences from massage shower deluxe experience to costume role-play soft domination to The Girlfriend Experience. Whatever blend or flavour, I’m more than sure we can tend to our needs… Your wish is my command. Mutual lust – I love it when you indulge your passions all over me …

Your Highly Sexed Girlfriend

Sensual Delights

Deeply libidinous and sensual, I utterly adore French kissing and foreplay… lots and lots of foreplay! Let’s revel in mutual erotic touches, kisses, hugs, and stroking

Open-minded and voracious: tell me your turn-ons, share your desires – nothing gets me wetter than hearing your inner thoughts and fantasies

Edging drives me wild – let’s take our time to mutually play as we watch each other slowly build and build to an explosive shared conclusion

Let me sloppily and eagerly worship your body and cock: my hands, my lips, and my tongue ready to drive you to distraction as I joyously and erotically explore your body to satisfy my carnal desires. 

Incall £300 PH Outcall £400 PH

Mistress Nay-Nay


Multi-orgasmic Mistress Naomi is home and oh so horny and needs a Man Toy to use!

I want you to take your time as you gently slip your fingers inside me while you make full use of your mouth and tongue, letting my juices flow over your face and running down your fingers.

I want to ride your face and cover your face in my juices.

Or let me sensually dominate you… tying you up and then using your cock for my own pleasure – I will let you know when I am ready for you to come, but do not shoot before I let you.

I adore anal play – get yourself clean and fresh in the shower, and then experience the deep joys of me exploring you with dildo play, butt plugs and prostate massage as I keep bringing you close to cumming but don’t let you explode til I give permission.

And just for clarity: this is sensual domme, not a hard domming. You are in the right world but the wrong website if that is what you wish to experience!

Incall £300 PH Outcall £400 PH

Shower Deluxe & Skin to Skin Oily Massage

Let’s wash all our sins away….

Shower Deluxe

Let’s get hot and steamy and soapy together… feel the thrill of the jets of warm water hitting our skin as we rub each other all over and savour the way the suds slip and slide across our bodies  

Skin to Skin Oily Massage

*Few experiences beat the eroticism of slow, oily massage… the sensual way that skin softens and glistens as the warm oil flows

*Let me release your tensions and stimulate your sensations as my expert hands explore every inch of your sweet body, and prepare to have your mind blown as I then move to full body skin-on-skin application!  

Incall £350 P/H / Outcall £450

Voyeur Delight / Porn & Play Edging

Nothing gets me hotter than watching or being watched!

If you are a man, woman or couple that enjoys watching or being watched, then I’m your perfect partner 

Spy on me as I play with toys and cum over and over again – or watch as my male or female (your choice!) play partner joins me and you savour the fun of watching us reach heights of passion 

Or let me sneak a peak at you as you play, and I will be exploding with pleasure as I watch you indulging solo or with your partner (or either of my duo partners)

And if porn is your thing (and it is definitely mine) then I have a projector screen and can beam widescreen filth as you or I play to any of the many hot films on my playlist (or please feel free to share yours!)

I adore edging, whether it is me getting close to the edge for you, or you reaching the brink for me… hell, let’s do it both ways and drive each other wild!

Incall £300 PH Outcall £400 PH

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